Training and Leadership Go Hand in Hand

Who Is a Leader? As we all know, a leader motivates, encourages, and inspires employees, colleagues, and the general public by guiding them on the right path, assisting them in fulfilling their needs, promoting learning, taking responsibility, and motivating those around them. In short, a leader is a role model or someone who can inspire […]

Traditional Training Vs. Learner-Centered Training

For years, the emphasis has been on a Traditional (trainer-centered) educational model. Students in this conventional learning approach are required to listen solely to lecturers. Trainers typically direct all classroom activities, leaving little room for feedback or discussion. It promotes a culture of dependency, which inhibits the learning process. In recent years, however, a Coaching […]

Benefits of Face to Face Trainer Assessor Courses

What Are Train Assessor Courses? Trainer Assessor courses are instructional programs that provide new and inexperienced workers with the necessary training to better understand their respective fields and become more successful while ensuring training standards are maintained within the organization. These courses can also be beneficial for current trainers as well; they can teach the […]

Workplace Trainer/Assessor

Do you want to be a Workplace Trainer/Assessor? This is your first step. Following this three-day course, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to train operators, not just drivers. It is designed for trainers and assessors who deliver non-accredited training or work with other trainers in delivering nationally recognised training. If you are […]

Do you have Operators or Drivers?

WE WANT OPERATORs……. The pathway to becoming an operator is a rewarding journey through self, leadership and organisational improvement. All of these traits ensure the organisational learning cycle continues to improve over time by ensuring effective mentoring and role modelling. You are about to learn how Safety, Volume and Cost Savings can be improved by […]

THE P.O.OH Principle

We have fallen into the trap of beginning training at the prestart of the vehicle or the equipment – There is so much more to operator training than a prestart. The following points lay out the foundations of Operator Training in a logical order you can use to train your trainees – Day in / […]

Whats in the Bucket?

Too often as trainers we fill the bucket of our learners so full that they soon overflow with information and the learnings are not retained. To be able to be recalled and used again in the future. There is a better approach. Find out whats in the Bucket First of all lets find out what […]