The pathway to becoming an operator is a rewarding journey through self, leadership and organisational improvement.

All of these traits ensure the organisational learning cycle continues to improve over time by ensuring effective mentoring and role modelling.

You are about to learn how Safety, Volume and Cost Savings can be improved by ensuring your trainers are training Operators – Not Just Drivers.

Engaging a culture of training and assessment that ensures workers are trained to be Operators Not Just Drivers is of vital Importance to continually improve in Safety, Volume and Cost Savings.

We Want Operators

Operators are self-directed, aware and able to think for themselves. They lead by example and live out loud the organisation’s culture and values of Safety Volume and Cost Savings. Operators understand their role in the overall process and seek to continually improve.

Not Just Drivers

Drivers require constant supervision and when challenged ‘freeze-up’ and refuse to make decisions. Drivers when faced with change are not equipped with the required depth of knowledge to initiate contingency plans.

“The Details matters. They create depth, and depth creates competent Operators.”

TAESS00015 – Enterprise Trainer and Assessor Skill Set

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