Too often as trainers we fill the bucket of our learners so full that they soon overflow with information and the learnings are not retained. To be able to be recalled and used again in the future.

There is a better approach.

Find out whats in the Bucket

Tell me More? What Else? Are you Sure? What are the top 5 safety things in this area??

That Awkward Silence

Finally at that pivotal moment (the awkward silence) when their thoughts are closest to the Place where their long term memory is located – Drop the answer – ensuring you link it to importance. More importantly Ask more questions so the learner discovers the answer themselves – this is even better.

“When a learner leaves you should know what is in their bucket – Not just leave knowing you have overflowed it.” – Nathan Corbett ONSITE | Training Australia

TAE40116 – Certificate IV Training and Assessment – Part B

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