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TAE40116 and TAE40122 Cert IV in Training and Assessment
What is the TAE40116 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment?
TAE40116 is the current version of the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, comprising 10 units of competency and widely recognised in the industry. 9 being core units and 1 elective. The qualification is still valid for another 4 years and on it refers to it as equivalent to the 22 package. They are both great packages.
TAE40122 is the updated version, offering a more comprehensive framework with 12 units of competency for enhanced training and assessment skills.
TAE40116 includes 10 units, while TAE40122 has 12 units, providing a more extensive coverage of skills and knowledge in training and assessment.
Pros: Well-established qualification, widely recognized. Cons: Fewer units, potentially less comprehensive coverage.
Pros: More units for a comprehensive understanding, aligns with current industry needs. Cons: Potential higher cost due to course development and extensive learning.
TAE40116 is still recognized, and there’s no mandatory upgrade. Standards acknowledge TAE40116 or its successor.
Transition isn’t automatic due to unit differences. Units may credit transfer, and a personalised transition plan is needed. Contact us for guidance.
Yes, a transition period allows RTOs to add TAE40122 to their scope and provide a pathway for existing TAE40116 students.
TAE40122 is now being delivered. We also offer the 16 version up until December 2024
Yes, upgrading via RPL is a viable option. Contact us for more information on the RPL process and requirements.
Costs may vary. TAE40122 is a longer course starting at $3000 for part A and $3000 for part b. The TAE40116 is $2000 for part A and $2500 for Part B. Its more expensive due to development and extensive learning and the additional units. Contact us for specific pricing details.
Enroll in TAE40116 and contact us to discuss personalised upgrading options through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process.

This is no longer, however the units under TAE40116 are still delivered in PART A of our training. If you are wanting to use the TAE40122 package the new skillset is the TAESS00019

Assessor Skillset that includes the following units:

If your employer would like additional units we specialise in BESPOKE packages refer to our Industry and Employers page

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Mark Hubbard
2 days ago
Great local company, well organised courses, and instructors have an excellent and unique teaching style, very informative.
Scott Great
2 days ago
Very informative and interesting. Nathan is very good at his delivery and makes it interesting. Highly recommended. Can’t wait to do part B. Thanks Nathan.
Jason Miles
2 Weeks ago

Really enjoyed the experience and got a great deal of knowledge from the owner Nathan. Knows his stuff, friendly, informative, helpful and would definitely recommend to others




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