Top 3 Reasons to Learn Leadership and Supervision

Training and Assessing

Leading our Lives

Leadership requires Purpose and a Vision. Having this understanding and a way to best communicate it is the first steps to leading your own life and your team.

Supervision - Best foot forward

Putting your Best Foot Forward

With the learnings from our leadership and supervision course you will have a better understanding of the traits and characteristics oof leaders and supervisors.

Supervision Roles

Understanding Roles and Responsibilities

Compliance is so important when your leading a crew or a team. Our courses help you better understand what your responsible and accountable for as a leader or supervisor

PUBLIC – Leadership and Supervision (S123&G2)

The Mine Site Supervisor (S1, S2, S3) course is designed for mine workers who are aiming at filling a supervisory role.
This is the minimum qualification required for those seeking to work as supervisors at a mine.

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Leadership and Supervision Course (S123&G2) Delivered for QTAD – RTO #32238

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